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Paradise Republican Women's Club Bylaws

Effective January 2023



The name of this organization shall be PARADISE REPUBLICAN WOMEN'S CLUB hereinafter also referred as “PRWC” or “Club” and is a member of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).


The bylaws and objects of PRWC shall be consistent with those of the National Federation of Republican Women, herein also referred to as NFRW.


The bylaws and objects of PRWC shall be consistent with those of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women, herein also referred to as AzFRW.


Hereinafter the term “member” shall indicate an individual with full membership and in good standing.



The objectives of PRWC shall remain consistent with the objectives of the AzFRW and the NFRW, including:




D.Voter registration




It shall be the policy of PRWC to refrain from endorsing any candidate in a primary election contest. Individual members may support any Republican candidate of their choice.



1.Membership is open to any woman who is currently registered as a Republican in the State of Arizona, believes in the philosophy of the Republican Party and supports the objectives and policies of this organization.

2.Associate Membership is open to any woman who holds an active membership in another Arizona Federated Women’s Club or who is a registered Republican in another state. Associate members cannot vote or hold office but can serve on committees.

3.Republican men may be Associate members but cannot make motions, hold office, have a voice or a vote, and may not serve on committees or be counted in determining the number of Active Club members or the number of delegates to the NFRW or AzFRW meetings or conventions.



1.The Fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

2. An increase in annual dues will be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee

3.PRWC shall remit the required NFRW and AzFRW annual Club service charge fees as required by those organizations.

4.Associate dues remain with the Club. Associate members are not reported to the AzFRW or NFRW.



General Meetings:

1.General meetings shall be held monthly except for July and August in a non-election year.

2.General meetings shall be held monthly in an election year.

3.Refer to the Paradise Republican Women’s Club Executive Committee and Committee Chair Operating Handbook for meeting notification requirements.

4.In the event of a “State of Emergency” or the inability to secure a meeting location, meetings can be held temporarily online and at no cost to those attending the online meeting. This is an exception and should be taken as a last resort.



1.This type of meeting is used to address urgent club matters.

2.This type of meeting shall be called by the President upon written request of three (3) full members or by 51% of the full membership or the Executive Committee determines there is a need for such a meeting outside of the club’s general meeting.

3.All full members in good standing will be emailed a Notice for Special Meeting by the President with a seven (7) day notice of meeting.

4.A special meeting can take place in person or online. A special meeting can be called to remove an Executive Committee member or other issue deemed dire by the Executive Committee.



Refer to the Paradise Republican Women’s Club Committee and Committee Chair Operating Handbook for meeting requirements.



1.An Executive Committee meeting quorum is a minimum of 4 Executive Members in attendance.

2.A General Meeting quorum for voting purposes is 25% of full membership.



Executive Committee consists of the following:


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President

3rd Vice President

4th Vice President

Recording Secretary



1.All Executive Committee members are elected by those with full membership.

2.The term of service is one (1) year with the option of a second year.

3.If a second year is agreed to, the Executive Committee member does not need to be re-elected.

4.At the conclusion of a second term of service an Executive Committee member can remain in their appointed position until a replacement is elected. This is optional.

5.All Executive Committee members must remain in good standing with PRWC, the AzFRW and the NFRW and maintain a moral and ethical reputation.

6.An Executive Committee vacancy may be filled by a member of PRWC in good standing until the next election with the approval of the Executive Committee.

7. Each Executive Committee member shall work with their successor to ensure a smooth transition.

8.If the President steps down during their elected term, the office of President shall be filled by the 1st Vice President. If there is no 1st Vice President or the 1st Vice President does not want the role of President, the Executive Committee can appointment a member from the Executive Committee to operate in the role of President until the end of the current term or until a new President can be elected by those with full membership.

9.All Executive Committee duties are listed in the Paradise Republican Women’s Club Executive Committee and Committee Chair Guidelines.

10.All Executive Committee members understand that these are volunteer positions and there will be no monetary compensation.

11.It is not required that an individual running for the office President have been a member of the Executive Committee previously.



Any Executive Committee member may be removed with due cause at any time by the vote of a majority of the Executive Board at any regular or special meeting called for such purpose.



A member can have their membership revoked for the following reasons:

1.Nonpayment of dues by the March 1st renewable deadline.

2.Advocating for or endorsing a non-Republican candidate.

3.Violating the ‘Good Standing’ cause.

Good Standing Clause


Members must comply with the following:

1.Current on dues.

2.Advocate for Republican candidates

3.Maintain a moral and ethical character.

Nominating Committee

1.This committee shall form each September and consist of no less than two (2) women with full membership in good standing.

2. The duty of this committee is to recruit women with full membership to fill upcoming vacancies on the Executive Committee and if possible, fill committee chairs.

3.A detailed list of potential candidates shall be emailed to the President by October 15th.



1.Only those with full membership are eligible to vote.

2.Elections for vacant Executive Committee position(s) will begin November 5th via a secure online link on the club’s website.

3.Paper ballots will be provided if requested.

4.Voting will close on November 10th.

5.At the conclusion of the election, the President will provide the Executive Committee with all ballots for their review.

4.Those that are elected to a vacant Executive Committee position(s) will be notified by the President no later than November 20th and will be presented at the November General Meeting.

5.President elect is preferred to haven been a member of the Executive Committee during the club’s existence, but not required.



1.Only those with full membership and in good standing have voting rights to elect the Executive Committee members.

2.Other matters that require membership vote can be done in person, email, or telephone.



1.No video and audio recording is permitted during general meetings or special meetings without written consent form the President.

2.A speaker must submit in writing a ‘request to record’ to the President five (5) days prior to the general meeting and must be approved by the Executive Committee.

3.Executive Committee meetings that take place online via Zoom or GoToMeeting can be recorded to aid the Recording Secretary in drafting the minutes.




All committees and duties are listed in the Paradise Republican Women’s Club Executive Committee and Committee Chair Operating Handbook.



1.In February of odd numbered years form a committee of at least two (2) members in good standing to review the current bylaws and make recommendations on updates or additions to the Executive Committee.

2.The recommendations will be presented to the membership for adoption.

3.A quorum must be met to pass recommendations.

4. Amendments of the current bylaws can be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration and adoption.



1.In July of a Biennial year, the President must inform those with full membership of the opportunity to be a delegate or alternate to represent PRWC at the state convention.

2.Each delegate is entitled to one (1) vote on each question or election.

3.No proxy votes are accepted.

4.Each club is entitled to one (1) delegate for every ten (10) full members in good standing.

5.The President of the club or her approved alternate is encouraged to attend.



1.Club is entitled to one (1) delegate and one alternate in good standing within six (6) months of the NFRW Convention.

2.President is encouraged to attend but not required.

3.AzFRW elects NFRW delegates-at-large and alternates at the last State Meeting Day before the NFRW preceding the ninety (90) day deadline before the NFRW convention.

4.See the AzFRW and NFRW bylaws for more information.





1.If the Executive Committee determines a merger with another club in our region (Region VIII) is in the best interest of the membership, this will be presented to the membership for a vote and must be passed by a two-thirds vote of those with full membership.

2.If a merger is approved by the full membership, all the clubs assets remaining after payment of all costs and expenses shall be distributed to the club being merged with, unless PRWC is the club another club is mering with.



1.If the Executive Committee is unable to secure leadership for the next year after presenting the need for new club leadership at a club meeting and via email, the current Executive Committee can make the decision to dissolve the club with a 2/3 vote.

2.Upon obtaining the Executive Committee 2/3 vote to dissolve the club, the President must email those with full membership the decision of the Executive Committee.

3.Upon dissolution of the club, the club charter shall be returned to the National Federation of Republican Women.

4.The Executive Committee shall after payment of all liabilities of the club, distribute any remaining assets to the Arizona Federation of Republican Women. No funds shall be distributed to any Executive Committee member of the Club.

5.The right to use the name of a dissolved Club shall revert to the AzFRW.


ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER REVISED shall govern the Club in all matters of procedure not covered by these bylaws.

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